Step 3: Test the Application in the Container

Once the migration container is prepopulated with the application and its dependencies, you can start testing the application in the container to make sure that it performs as expected. The Testing team will exercise the application, which means using all its features and functions so that V-Maestro is able to capture these elements in a complete migration template.

The testing team will RDP into the destination machine to start the application and perform the exercise operation.

To Test the Application

  1. In the Destination Details window, click the Actions icon at the top and select RDP.

  2. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Connect.

  3. On the destination machine, open VirtaMove Administrative Console.

  4. Select the container, then click the Services tab. Start required services and click Save if necessary.

  5. When services have started, click Run to launch the application.  

  6. When the application starts, use the application features and functions as much as possible in order to obtain a complete migration template.


The Destination Inventory window will show that the status of the migration is Exercise - Docked.