VirtaMove Components and Features

VirtaMove Application Migration

VirtaMove Application Migration is an intelligent discovery tool that migrates an application and its dependencies from a tethered source machine to a destination machine. VirtaMove software is installed on the destination machine. VirtaMove is not required on the source machine, but installing VirtaMove Source Agent on the source machine is recommended. For more information about VirtaMove application migration, see the Application Migration Guide.

  • Administrative Console - allows you to create and manage appliances by means of a graphical user interface (GUI) and migrate an application from a remote machine. For information about the Administrative Console, see the Administration Guide.

  • VirtaMove Command Line Interface (CLI) - allows you to create and manage appliances using a command prompt window and CLI commands. For a list of CLI commands and their syntax, see the CLI Guide.

  • VirtaMove Tether Monitor - lets you monitor activity during the migration process and view a live tether log for the application being migrated.

  • VirtaMove Dissolve - lets you remove VirtaMove encapsulation and transfers the application to the underlying operating system, allowing an application to behave as if natively installed on the destination machine.

VirtaMove Source Agent is optionally installed and then enabled on a source machine to access information on the source machine. The Source Agent installers (x86 and x64) are part of the main installation package (VirtaMove_x64.msi) of V-Migrate. For more information, see, and Installing V-Maestro Server Software in the V-Maestro documentation.


Installing V-Migrate automatically installs the following services:

  • VirtaMove.Micro.Nginx - a high-performance web service

  • VirtaMove.Micro - enables V-Maestro to communicate between the source and destination machines

  • VirtaMove.Controller