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Clean Destination Machine

For best possible results, VirtaMove requires a clean destination machine. This is typically a server where the operating system has the latest Windows updates and patches applied, and VirtaMove is the only software package installed.

Driver Files

VirtaMove does not support the migration of drivers. Drivers should be pre-installed on the destination machine.

Container Naming Conventions

VirtaMove uses Microsoft file naming conventions. You may use any character in a container name, including Unicode characters and characters in the extended character set (128–255), except for the following reserved characters:

< (less than)
> (greater than)
: (colon)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)
* (asterisk)

For Unicode characters, make sure that you select a font that can display the relevant characters. For example, change the font of the command prompt to Lucida Console.

For more information, see:

When choosing a container name, consider the following:

  • By default, the container name is the same as the name of the container folder, which contains VirtaMove runtime support files, the configurable container properties, file set, registry set, services, and other dependencies that are referenced in the template. Therefore, when choosing container names, avoid characters that cannot be used in a Windows folder name.

  • A name must have at least 1 character and a maximum of 63 characters.

  • Do not start or end the container name with a period (.) or use a reserved extension such as ".exe" or ".cap".

  • Do not use the name "hostid", "self”, or "sourceid".

  • Choose unique names for containers.

  • Choose a naming convention that will make containers easy to identify.

  • Do not use blank spaces in a container name. Microsoft Web Deploy and VirtaMove IIS migrations require that container names and paths do not contain blanks.

Start Windows "Server" Service

The Windows Server service supports file, print, and named-pipe sharing over the network for a computer. If this service is stopped, these functions will be unavailable. If this service is disabled, any services that depend on it will fail to start. The Server service must be started on the source machine before you start a migration.

Applications on a Remote or Removable Drive

The application that you want to include in the container must reside on the computer where VirtaMove is installed. It may not reside on a remote server and its components may not be accessed via mapped network drives, UNC locations, or removable drives.