CLI Introduction

Table of Contents

Using the Command Line Interface

To use the VirtaMove CLI, you must be in the "c:\Program Files\VirtaMove" directory.

You must be logged in as the built-in Administrator to use most VirtaMove command line utilities. You can execute runas on the command line to execute a command as a different user.

To read usage information for a command, use the /H flag at the command prompt. For example:

c:\Program Files\VirtaMove>virtacmd Container /H

Administrative Console and the VirtaMove CLI

You can switch back and forth between Administrative Console and the CLI when managing your containers. You may wish to use the VirtaMove CLI if you need more flexibility, such as in the case of using scripts, or want more feedback when you execute commands.

To Launch the VirtaMove Command Prompt

You can launch a command prompt window that is in the VirtaMove directory by double-clicking the CLI desktop shortcut (if you enabled the shortcut when you installed VirtaMove software).

To Launch the VirtaMove Command Prompt from the Administrative Console

You can launch the VirtaMove command prompt from the Administrative Console. This starts a new command prompt from within the container context.

  1. Click Start>Administrative Console. The Administrative Console window opens.

  2. Select a container.

  3. Click the Dock command button.

  4. Right-click the container, and then select Launch Prompt. The custom command prompt running within that container is displayed.



To Launch a Container Command Prompt Running in the Context of a Container from the CLI

  • In the command prompt window, issue the command:

    virtacmd <container>

CLI Restrictions

  • You must enclose all fields containing spaces or ampersands (&) in quotation marks (""). This includes container names, paths, file names, and free-form text.

For example:

virtadock "F:\Appliances\011107 FinBasic"


virtapedit np CPROP_DESCRIPTION "This VAA belongs to the Financial group."
  • CLI commands are not supported inside the container context.