05. Working with Unknown Endpoints

About Unknown Endpoints

Unknown endpoints are machines detected by inbound and outbound connections of the source machines in the system and whose detailed information is not known by V-Maestro. You can learn more about these endpoints by installing a Source Agent on a selected endpoint if you want to make it visible to V-Maestro.

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Working with Unknown Endpoints

  1. Click Manage>Unknown Endpoints. The Unknown Endpoints window is displayed.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click the list icon on the top left to view a list of active incoming and outgoing connections.

    • Click the ARP icon on the top right to view Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) information for peripherals that the source machine has connected to. 


The following table lists the elements in the Unknown Endpoints window.



Discovered card

Displays the number of discovered unknown endpoints.

Most Unknown Endpoints card

Displays the IP address that has the most number of unknown endpoints.


Lets you filter the list of unknown endpoints by OS, assigned group, or IP/hostname.

Unknown Endpoint IP

Displays the IP of the unknown endpoint.


Displays the direction of the unknown endpoint.


Displays the hostname of the unknown endpoint.

Host OS

Displays the host OS of the unknown endpoint.

Port Usage

Displays the port being used by the unknown endpoint.