Step 1: Audit

Now that you have destinations lined up, have monitored applications for a few days, and have migration candidates ready, you can start the migration process.

You will need a migration license to proceed.

To Start a Pre-Migration Audit

  1. Click Manage>Destinations. The Destination Inventory window is displayed.

  2. Select a destination in the list by clicking the Host Source Name link or by clicking more actions>View Details for the selected destination. The Destination Details window is displayed.

  3. Click the Actions icon at the top and select Audit.

  4. Click Continue to confirm.

  5. If you haven't yet supplied a valid migration license, a message will indicate this. Click OK and click Settings in the System navigation menu on the left to do so. See for more information.

    The Migrations In-Progress card now displays the number of migrations in process and the operation in progress. The Progress column displays the progress toward completion in percentage. A migration icon now displays above the filter field.