About Migrating Applications

VirtaMove Application Migration is an intelligent discovery tool that migrates an application and its dependencies from a tethered source machine to a destination machine. VirtaMove extracts existing enterprise applications and packages them into a container that can be provisioned and run natively on any operating system, machine, or cloud.

To migrate an application, VirtaMove is not required on the source machine. VirtaMove is required on the destination machine to tether to the application on the source machine and run the migrated virtual application appliance on the destination machine.

Once you have migrated the application, you can then dissolve the application to the underlying operating system using VirtaMove Dissolve.

You use the VirtaMove Administrative Console to migrate an application.

VirtaMove Administrative Console

You use the VirtaMove Administrative Console graphical user interface to:

  1. Create a virtual container for the application you will migrate.

  2. Connect to the source machine.

  3. Get information from the source machine and import it to your container.

  4. Start and end the tethering process, or reset a container if you need to.

Tooltips are available for GUI items (buttons, fields, and tabs) on the VirtaMove Administrative Console.

Alternatively, you can use the CLI command https://virtamove.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/VDOC/pages/314212651/virtapedit?search_id=3848a48c-6d56-4ce3-aabc-3f5e7ad22ee7. See https://virtamove.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/VDOC/pages/311197755/Migrating+an+Application+Using+the+VirtaMove+CLI?search_id=d9c0a16c-6c28-4eb4-8572-2838bb3131fd for information about how to use https://virtamove.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/VDOC/pages/314212651/virtapedit?search_id=3848a48c-6d56-4ce3-aabc-3f5e7ad22ee7.

Once you have completed tethering, you will use the Administrative Console to manage your containerized application as required. For more information about managing containers, see the Administration Guide.

For more information on the Administrative Console, see .


  • VirtaMove does not recommend that you use both VirtaMove Administrative Console and the VirtaMove CLI at the same time when migrating an application. For example, it is not advisable to use VirtaMove Administrative Console during a tethering session and attempt to dock the container using the VirtaMove CLI while VirtaMove Administrative Console is still open. To avoid possible problems with a container, use VirtaMove Administrative Console OR the VirtaMove CLI when working with a container. For more information on the Administrative Console and VirtaMove CLI, see .