About SSL Keys

V-Maestro uses SSL keys to connect to and communicate with VirtaMove Source Agents on different servers. The SSL key file can be used with any VirtaMove installer to deploy the key file to other servers.

If you have not yet installed a VirtaMove Source Agent in your network, the installer will give you the option to generate a new private key. This key will be your master key. Make sure you save and secure this key. You will need to use this key for your other installations.

Whether you install Source Agents manually or remotely using the V-Maestro application, you must make sure to use a single master SSL key. If there is a mismatch between the SSL key on a Source Agent and the SSL key on the V-Maestro application, communication with the source will not be established.

The SSL key file is securely stored on the destination machine and exported to the installation folder in the \VirtaMove\Extras\SourceAgentResources folder.