Configuring and Generating Monitoring Reports

You can specify the elements you want to be displayed on a Monitoring Report, its delivery schedule, distribution, and other items.

To Configure and Generate a Monitoring Report

  1. Click Reports in the top menu. The Reports window is displayed.

  2. Click the Get Report icon at the top right of the Reports window.

  3. Select the report you want to create: Monitoring Report.

  4. Enter a name for the report in the Report Name field.

  5. Enter the emails to which the report will be distributed in the Email Distribution List field.

  6. In the Delivery Schedule field, select how often the report will be delivered.

  7. In the Sources field, select the source machines to be included in the Capacity Report.

  8. Click Submit. The report is displayed in the Reports window.

  9. To generate the report in PDF, click More Actions>Generate, then click the PDF icon. Open the downloaded PDF file.

  10. To delete a report, click More Actions>Delete.