Viewing Monitoring Information Per Source

You can view monitoring details for a particular source being monitored.

To View Monitoring Per Source

  1. Click Manage>Sources. The Sources Inventory window is displayed.

  2. Select a source in the list by clicking the Host Source Name link or by clicking more actions>View Details for the selected source. The Source Details window is displayed.

  3. Click the Monitor icon. This icon is available only if applications are being monitored.


The following table lists the elements in the Monitoring view of the Source Details window.



System Information card

Displays information about the system of the source:

  • IP Address

  • OS

  • Any group assigned to the source

  • CPU

  • Destination. You can assign a destination to this source by clicking Assign.

  • Memory

Storage Profile card

Displays the number of system disks and storage disks, and the amount of free disk space. Click the toggle icon in the top right of the panel to change the view.

Migration Status card

Displays the number of applications being monitored and in the process of migration.

Most CPU Utilization card

Displays the application on the source using the most CPU, in percentage.

Most Active Connections card

Displays the application on the source with the most active connections, and how many active connections.


Lets you filter the list of sources by OS, assigned group, or IP/hostname.


The name of the application being monitored.

Install Date

The date on which the application was installed.

Days Monitored

How long the application has been monitored, in days.

Components Found

The number of components found associated with the monitored application.


The status of the monitored application. Can be:

  • Learning - V-Maestro is still learning and analyzing the application.

  • Candidate - V-Maestro has learned the application and it is a candidate for migration.

  • No Usage - V-Maestro did not detect use of the application during the monitoring time. This is not likely to be good candidate for migration.


A graphical representation of the usage pattern for the monitored application. Each square or block represents a day of use.


A graphical representation of the application learning process. Learning is represented per day.

More actions you can perform on a selected application.

Stops monitoring for a selected application.

For information about monitoring Status, see