Viewing Overall Application Monitoring

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You can view monitoring details across your network, for all applications that are being monitored. This gives you an overall view of monitoring information per monitored application.

You can:

  • View the status of all monitored applications

  • View how many sources are being monitored

  • View usage patterns in graphical format for a selected application, and see how V-Maestro is learning an application in a graphical representation so you can understand which applications are good migration candidates in real-time

  • Stop monitoring for a selected application

Understanding Application Monitoring Status

No Usage Status

An application that shows no usage is likely a poor candidate for migration.

Learning Status

In the image below, all three applications are in a Learning status, which means that it is best to continue monitoring until their status changes to Candidate. They are being used and the Learning column shows that V-Maestro is still learning about them.

Candidates Status

In the image below, all three applications are in a Candidates status, which means that you can consider them ready for migration. They are being used, and the Learning column shows that the learning has gone down. V-Maestro has therefore declared them as candidates for migration.

To View Overall Application Monitoring

Click Monitor. The Application Migration Learning windows displays.

The following table describes the information listed on the Application Migration Learning window.




The name of the application being monitored.

Host Name

The host name of the source running the application.

IP Address

The IP address of the source running the application.

Days Monitored

How long the application has been monitored, in days.

Components Found

The number of components found associated with the monitored application, and the user who launched the application.


The status of the monitored application. Can be:

  • Learning - V-Maestro is still learning and analyzing the application.

  • Candidate - V-Maestro has learned the application and it is a candidate for migration.

  • No Usage - V-Maestro did not detect use of the application during the monitoring time. This is not likely to be good candidate for migration.


A graphical representation of the usage pattern for the monitored application. Each square or block represents a day of use.


A graphical representation of the application learning process. Learning is represented per day.

Opens a menu of actions that you can perform on the application:

  • Stop Monitoring

  • Add/Remove Components

Lets you stop monitoring for a selected application.