Viewing Details for Monitored Applications

You can view monitoring details for applications that are being monitored. You can view how many applications are being monitored on the selected source, how many days an application has been monitored, how many components have been found for the application, usage patterns in graphical form, how V-Maestro is learning an application in graphical form, and other information.

To View Monitoring Details

  1. Click Manage>Sources. The Source Inventory windows displays.

  2. Select an active source. The Source Details window displays.

  3. Click the Monitoring icon in the Source Details window. The Monitoring view of the Source Details window displays a list of monitored applications for the selected source. The Migration Status card displays the total number of monitored applications for the selected source.


The following table describes the information listed on the Monitoring view of the Source Details window.




The name of the application.

Install Date

The date that the application was installed on the source.

Days Monitored

How long the application has been monitored, in days.

Components Found

The number of components found for the monitored application.


The status of the monitored application. Can be:

  • Learning - V-Maestro is still learning and analyzing the application

  • Candidate - V-Maestro has learned the application and it is a candidate for migration

  • No Usage - V-Maestro did not detect use of the application during the monitoring time. This application is not likely to be a good migration candidate.


A graphical representation of the usage pattern for the monitored application.


A graphical representation of the application learning process. If V-Maestro is still actively learning an application, it's best to wait until learning plateaus to perform a migration of the application.

Opens a menu of actions that you can perform on the application:

  • Stop Monitoring

  • Add/Remove Components

To add components to an application, see