Installing Source Agents Manually

Use the procedure in this section if you want to manually install a VirtaMove Source Agent on each source server.

If you have a large number of servers on which you want to install Source Agents, VirtaMove recommends using V-Maestro to install Source Agents remotely. To install Source Agents remotely using the V-Maestro interface, see


  • Ports TCP 137, 139, and 445 must be open to install VirtaMove Source Agent.

  • Port 9665 must be open to connect to the VirtaMove Source Agent on the source machine.

You can verify the integrity of your downloaded software by checking the MD5. See here for more details.

To Install a Source Agent Manually

  1. On the machine where you want to install a Source Agent, run one of the following installers:

    • VirtaMoveSourceAgent_x86.msi (for 32-bit servers)

    • VirtaMoveSourceAgent_x64.msi (for 64-bit servers)

  2. The installer opens. Accept the license agreement.

  3. Select a key. See for more information.

  4. Repeat this procedure for each server where you want to install a Source Agent.