Viewing Destination Details

You can view detailed information about a selected destination, such as system information, storage profile, migration status, services, accounts, and applied patches.

To View Destination Details

  1. Click Manage>Destinations. The Destination Inventory window is displayed.

  2. Select a destination in the list by clicking on the hostname or the IP column. The Destination Details window is displayed. V-Maestro displays when the destination was last seen at the top of the window.


The following table lists the elements in the Destination Details window.



Destination System Information card

Displays information about the system of the destination:

  • IP Address

  • OS

  • Any group assigned to the source

  • CPU

  • Source. You can assign a destination to a source by clicking Assign.

  • Memory

Storage Profile card

Displays the number of system disks and storage disks, and the amount of free disk space. Click the toggle icon in the top right of the panel to change the view.

Migrations Complete card

Displays the number of applications migrated to this destination.

Migrations In-Progress card

Displays the number of migrations that are in progress for this destination, and the last operation.

Required Storage Profile to Dissolve VAA card

Displays the storage that is required to dissolve the container, if this information is available.


Lets you filter the list of destinations by OS, assigned group, or IP/hostname.

These icons let you perform tasks for the destination. From left to right:

  • View services on the destination

  • View user and group accounts associated with the destination

  • View patches applied to the destination

Destination Actions

You can perform the following actions on a destination:

  • Run a pre-migration Audit to see whether the destination meets requirements for migration

  • Print details

  • Update the certificate

  • Reinstall the destination

  • RDP into the destination

  • Unmap a destination from a source

To Unmap a Destination from a Source

  1. In the Destination Details window, select Unmap Source from the Destination Actions menu on the right.

  2. Click Confirm. Unmapping will not succeed if an operation is being executed (for example, dock) on the destination. A message will be displayed at the bottom of the Destination Details window if unmapping fails.