Viewing Your Destination Inventory

Destinations are servers to which you will move selected applications from a source. You assign a destination to a source using V-Maestro.

To view your destination inventory, click Manage>Destinations.

If There Are No Discovered Destinations

If no destinations have been discovered, the cards in the Destination Inventory window will display all zeros and listed destinations.

Viewing Discovered Destinations

You can filter discovered destinations, assign a destination to a source, and delete destinations. You can also view and export reports.

You can perform the following actions for selected destinations:

  • View details about the destination

  • Exclude a destination from the list

  • Re-authenticate the destination

  • RDP into the destination

  • Assign a source to a destination

  • Hide destinations and view all hidden destinations

 The following table lists the elements in the Destination Inventory window.



Discovered card

Displays the number of discovered destinations.

No Assigned Source card

Displays the number of discovered destination machines that have not been assigned or mapped to a source.

Audit Failed card

Display the number of discovered destinations that have Audit issues.


Lets you filter the list of destinations by OS, assigned group, or IP/hostname.

Click the more actions icon to perform more actions on a selected destination.

From top to bottom:

  • View details of a selected destination.

  • Exclude a destination from the view.

  • Reauthenticate a selected destination.

  • RDP to a selected destination.

From left to right, hide a selected destination or delete a selected destination.

Lets you perform tasks. From left to right:

  • Add a destination

  • Get a report of listed destinations

  • Perform additional tasks, such as export a report and view hidden destinations.

To Hide Destinations or View Hidden Destinations

  1. In the Destination Inventory window, select the destination or destinations you want to hide from view.

  2. Click the Hide Destination icon at the top right of the table.

  3. To view all hidden destinations, click Show Hidden Machines in the More Actions menu.