Discovering Your Inventory Patch Level

V-Maestro periodically scans all known source and destination servers to find missing OS updates. It reports this information on the Inventory Patch Level window, for each server. Click on an update in the Missing Updates column to view patch details.

CVE Vulnerabilities

The Inventory Patch Level window provides cross-references to known CVE vulnerabilities that are addressed by each patch. CVE references are collected from multiple sources such as CVE databases, Microsoft security bulletins, Microsoft's security update portal. If an update is highlighted red, it means that V-Maestro found CVE vulnerabilities related to the update. In this case, the detailed patch view offers additional information and links to websites that describe the vulnerability. You can hover over some CVEs to view a summary.

V-Maestro updates its internal database of CVE references each month.

To View Missing Patches

  1. Click Discover>Patch Level. The Inventory Patch Level window displays.

  2. Filter the view by source or destination by toggling the icons above the filter field.

  3. To view missing patches, click the plus icon in the Patches Missing column for a selected source or destination. A list of missing patches is displayed. Click the icon again to hide the list.

  4. Click a missing update to view details. Click Close to close update details.

  5. To view CVE information, hover over a red update or click the link.


The following table describes the information listed on the Patches view of the Inventory Patch Level window.



The Most Outdated

Displays the hostname of the source with the most missing updates..


Displays the number of discovered sources and the number of sources that have missing updates.


Displays the number of discovered destinations and the number of destinations that have missing updates.

Source Hostname

The hostname of the source.

Source IP Address

The IP address of the source.

Source OS

The operating system of the source.

Last Update Installed On

The date on which the last update was installed on the source.

Last Update Installed By

The account name that the last update was installed by.

Missing Updates

Click the plus icon to view missing updates for the selected source. Click again to hide the details. Click a red update to view CVE information.